Disabling Stock Auto-commit when using the eCommerce Connector


When a web order is generated through the website making use of the Everest eCommerce Connector, the ordered item stock gets automatically committed in the sales order. This article explains how to disable the auto-commit option so that ordered items are not automatically committed in the Sales Order.


Follow the steps below to disable the auto-commit option:

  1. Disable the auto-commit option by setting the stockCommit parameter in the connector service configuration file (eComConnector.Service.exe.config) to false
    1. Locate connector service configuration file is located in the Connector Service installation directory i.e. C:\eComConnector-\ConnectorService\eComConnector.Service.exe.config
    2. Open the config file in a text editor and locate the stockCommit parameter:
    3. Remove the line for stockCommit
    4. Add the stockCommit inside the <source> tag as a parameter with a value of false i.e. stockCommit="false"
    5. Save the config file.
  2. Restart the Everest eCommerce Connector service from the Windows Services utility by right-clicking and selecting Restart.


Web orders should not result in stock being automatically committed in the Sales Order.

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