Requesting Access to the Release Portal


This article provides information on how to request and obtain access to the new software Release Portal in order to download the latest installation media as well as earlier releases of Everest software for installation or upgrade.



Customers requesting access to the Release Portal to download Everest software for installation or upgrades should provide proof of purchase along with the customer's name, email, organization, and required product version.

Ignite Global Support is now using a new product release distribution system for our on-premise products to replace the FTP server that was the release distribution channel prior.  This new solution is a significant improvement over the FTP-based solution, as customers will access product releases securely through a user-friendly web portal and they will be able to download the release files much faster compared to the FTP-based solution. 

With this new Release Portal, each customer organization and customer end-user are set up in the system with access that is specific to the products they have purchased. Each customer end user will be given their own set of credentials to access the Release Portal at

The credentials can be used to get the latest product updates and hotfixes which the customer is eligible for.

The Release Portal credentials can be requested by submitting a support ticket and providing the information outlined in the prerequisites section.

Once the access request ticket is received, the Support team will use the information provided to validate your eligibility and create the access credentials which will then be shared through the same support ticket created.

As soon as you obtain the access credentials, you are advised to change the default password to a strong password of your choice which should be stored securely for subsequent use.

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