CRM studio not working after migration to a new server due to License issue


This article provides the solution when CRM Studio stops working after migration to a new server.

When this happens, the Windows Events viewer will log an error event showing the licensed DB server name as shown in the example below:

KS_Serv Licensed server name does not match the server name of this computer, please contact licensing department. 
Licensed for computername:SQL2008 not -> SQL2017


The DB Server name is an important input parameter used while generating the license key for CRM Studio therefore any migration or redeployment to a new server requires that a new CRM Studio License must be generated using the new server name.

Customers facing this scenario should submit a support request providing the following information for further assistance from Everest Support:

  1. Customer's name
  2. The version the customer is using or upgrading to
  3. DB Server name

Thereafter they can refer to Installation of CRM Studio license key for further information on how to apply the new license keys on the new server to get CRM Studio working again.


Support agents can reference How to request a CRM Studio License for instructions on how to handle requests for CRM Studio licenses.



CRM studio should continue working on the new server after the new license key is entered.

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