Shipped Orders are not Generating Invoices through a Foxfire Integration


This article outlines the solution when customers running EFI (Everest Foxfire Integration) for integration between Everest and Foxfire WMS (Warehouse Management System) experience Sales Orders shipping out but not automatically generating Sales Invoices in Everest.


The above issue can occur when some of the services that Foxfire relies on fail to start after a server reboot, often because they could not authenticate to the Vendor-Foxfire account on the server.

Re-inputting the password allows the services to be started successfully and the missing invoices should now be generated and received in Everest.

The list of Foxfire services can be viewed from the Windows Services utility (services.msc). All enabled Foxfire services found not to be running should be accordingly started:



Refer to the attached Everest-Foxfire_Integration_Service_User_Guide_and_Technical_Reference document for more information.


Shipped orders in Foxfire should be automatically generating invoices in Everest.

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