Cannot commit a serialized item to a Sales Order


This article provides the steps to identify why a user is unable to commit a serialized item to a Sales Order due to the item not showing in the correct bin where it was added through an Inventory Adjustment.



This issue occurs when the serialized Item is located in the wrong bin which can be confirmed by following these steps:

  1. Open the Serial Numbers browser by navigating to Inventory | Serial Numbers
  2. Add a filter to the Item Code to get the actual serial numbers
  3. Right-click on the Serial Number and select View History to see the history:
  4. This will show the bin of the serialized item, which can be corrected if necessary by moving the stock to the correct bin through Inventory | Inventory Adjustment | Stock Transfer. See Stock Transfer - Inventory Adjustment for more information.



The user should be able to successfully add the serialized item to a Sales Order after confirming it is located in the correct bin.

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