Credit Card Authorization Failing due to Timeouts


Payments made through credit card processors will fail if timeouts occur before the payment processor returns a response back to Everest.

Users will receive the following credit card authorization error message when timeouts occur: 

Denied:Timeout waiting for response Input timeout value in 
millisec = 2144;
Call Help Desk at 800-599-5303 or
Call Voice Authority at


Log on to Everest with Superuser privileges and make the following changes to ensure the credit card payments processor has sufficient time to process a payment and return the response back to Everest:

  1. Navigate to File > Setup > Accounting > Processors
  2. Double click on the processor you are using.
  3. Go to the Settings tab
  4. Set the ICVerify time-out and Processor time-out to 120 seconds as shown below:


Credit card transactions should be processing without errors.

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