Supported Verifone Devices


This article provides a list of Verifone device models that can be used for processing card payments while directly integrated into Everest.



Everest supports configuring Verifone as a payment processor for card payments which can be done through direct integration with physical credit card devices when the "Use device" option is selected as shown below:

  1. Navigate to File > Setup > Accounting > Processors - processor browser will be opened.
  2. Click New > In New Window to bring up an empty profile for the new processor:
  3. Settings tab - select VeriFone/Remote CC for the service and mark Use Device checkbox. You may
    also fill in other fields if you wish to use the same processor for online Verifone payments.
  4. Save the profile


With this profile, Everest recommends and supports the following Verifone devices:

  1. Verifone MX 925 
  2. Verifone MX 915

In addition, it is possible to use standalone EMV devices which are not integrated with Everest. To do this, you can purchase a Verifone device and request the encryption for your payment processor to be put on it at the time of purchase, to use it as a standalone device. 

The attached Everest EMV Device Guide v1.0 provides more information on this.

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