Everest 5 Client Crashing after Opening a Report


Everest users running version 5 client may experience a problem where the client keeps crashing without error messages when they open and close a report.

The issue happens only when the user opens and closes a report, otherwise if no report is opened and closed Everest continues to work without crashing.



This issue occurs when the Everest 5 client is installed on an unsupported operating system such as Windows 10.

Take note of the following recommendations when using Everest v5:

  • Everest version 5 is not certified and not officially supported on Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro. Users who encounter this issue are advised to install the Everest client on Windows 7 if they prefer maintaining Everest 5.
  • Alternatively, if they prefer Windows 10 for the client workstations, they should upgrade to Everest 8 which is the latest version and is certified on Windows 10.

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