Custom Report Displaying Comments for all Customer Accounts


This article describes how you can create a custom report showing all customer accounts together with the comments entered under the miscellaneous tab for each account.



Everest supports entering any notes/comments about the customer account you want to keep track of. Notes and comments are automatically displayed prior to creating/modifying a document associated with the customer if either:

  • The Pop-up comments on document option (path: Customer profile > Miscellaneous tab) is selected OR
  • The Pop-up and first show notes attached to the respective customer or vendor associated with the document prior to opening it check box in the Document dialog box (path: File > Setup > Preferences > Flow Control > Documents > Popups tab) is selected.

Each customer account has a tab named "Miscellaneous" and within the miscellaneous tab, there is a "Comments" section.

These comments can be included in a custom report showing the Customer list that is created using the Advanced Query Builder (AQB) as follows:

  1. Create a new Advanced Query by going to Utility | Advanced Query Builder
  2. Select the SQL Statement tab
  3. Copy and paste the below SQL query:
    SELECT cust.cust_code,, cast(cust.mdesc as varchar(255)) AS comment 
    Note: Ensure you select the Primary key as cust_code when opening the Browser Settings tab.

Executing the above AQB will generate a custom report listing all customer accounts together with the corresponding Comments for each account.

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