How to Enable "Search Beginning with" Option


This article outlines how to enable the "Search Beginning with" Option in Everest workstation settings for users who want to search a column by entering a string and only displaying results that begin with the search string, rather than find all results containing the search keyword which is the default setting.



The default mode in Everest when searching a column is "Search anywhere" which will return all results containing the searched keyword as shown below:


Users wishing to change this default behavior and only find items that begin with the search string can enable the "Search Beginning with" Option by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Everest > File > Setup > Preferences > Workstation Settings 
  2. Click on General tab > Others sub-tab 
  3. Check "Search Beginning with":

  4. This will search and return only items with descriptions that begin with the search string as shown in the example below where the user has searched for items beginning with the string Ext:
Note: There is a known issue with this feature that was fixed in Everest Release 6.36.4 therefore users running older versions are encouraged to upgrade to the latest release.

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