Reprocessing/Resending CRM Studio Email Notifications


This article outlines the steps to be followed in order to re-send / re-process email notifications that were not sent which can sometimes occur when the EverestACRM service stops functioning.

Before proceeding, review BAM Monitor Activities/CRM Studio not Sending Notification Emails and confirm that CRM Studio Email notifications are being sent successfully.



An administrator can reprocess unsent emails and notifications for the specified dates by following these steps:

  1. Launch Everest CRM Studio Architect and Click on Query Definitions
  2. Maintain a copy of this original query on a separate text file before making any alterations.
  3. Create a new query named "SI created from SO report v2" and change the last line highlighted in the above screenshot to include the desired date range for reprocessing the notifications e.g. and cast(th.tranhist_date as date) >= '2020-09-24' and cast(th.tranhist_date as date) < '2020-10-01'.
    • Alternatively, you can reprocess notifications for the last n days by changing this line to and cast(th.tranhist_date as date) >= cast(getdate()-10 as date) which will send the last 10 days' invoices (n=10 in this case). 
  4. Select Event and Click on Queries > Add Query "SI created from SO report v2" and remove the default one 'SI created from SO report'
  5. Click on the "Schedule this now" button on the status bar to resend all emails for the specified dates.
  6. After the emails are reprocessed as desired, reset the "SI created from SO report" query back to its original configuration using the backup copy taken in step 2.


CRM Studio should reprocess and send out email notifications for the specified dates.

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