"Paid amount cannot be negative" Error when Posting to Accounts Payable Journal


This article provides a workaround to be executed when users cannot successfully post to the accounts payable journal due to the "Paid amount cannot be negative" error message.



This error occurs when the journal fails to print the checks because the checks were not updated correctly in the database.

The workaround when this happens is to update the check print status from the database directly by following these steps:

  1. Take a backup of the records to be updated by executing the following query:
    Select * into zd_bch_Head_2407194 from Bch_Head
    Where (BATCH_NO ='105903' or BATCH_NO ='105910') and BATCH_TYPE=3
  2. Update the check print status by executing this SQL Update:
    Update Bch_Head
    Set CHECK_PRNT='T', REF_NO ='wire'
    Where (BATCH_NO ='105903' or BATCH_NO ='105910') and BATCH_TYPE=3


  • Edit the query to include the correct BATCH_NO for the failing Payment Journal vouchers
  • Update the transaction reference as appropriate through the REF_NO field.


Successful commit of the Update statement will result in the failing payments being successfully posted to the Accounts Payable Journal.

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