FIPS Code Generation when Creating a Tax Jurisdiction


This article provides information on how the Starting FIPS and Ending FIPS codes are generated and populated while creating a new tax jurisdiction by following the steps outlined in Setting up a Custom Tax Code for a new Tax Jurisdiction.



The FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) code is a 10-digit numeric code comprising the 2-digit state code, 3-digit county code, and 3-digit city/town code. This combination of state, county, and city is unique and cannot be duplicated across the United States. FIPS codes are applicable only in the United States.

The FIPS code gets automatically populated and cannot be modified. Everest contains a default zip code table for the US zip codes. It populates the city and state information in the various profiles when the zip code is specified. Zip code information can be viewed by navigating to File > Setup > Miscellaneous > Zip Codes.

The Starting and Ending FIPS fields are mandatory if United States is selected in the Country field and In State/Country is selected in the Type field. These fields are not enabled for an Out type of jurisdiction, or when a country other than the United States is selected in the Country field.

Note: FIPS Codes are used for greater accuracy, corroborating the Zip Codes, in identifying the Tax Jurisdiction for a city/state/county in the United States. You do not need to have knowledge of the FIPS codes. Given a city/town zip code combination, Everest automatically determines the appropriate FIPS Code for the customer or jurisdiction.

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