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You want to start using NeurOn-Line and want information about where to download the application and how to use it.


NeurOn-Line or NOL is part of the Gensym software and is included in the software package. This means that it does not need to be downloaded separately. This top-level KB can be found in [g2 installation folder]/nol. Please note that your main license file will need to include this additional KB package for it to run properly. 

If NOL is not included in the authorized-kb-packages section of your main license file (the g2.ok file found in [g2 installation folder]/g2), you need to request a license update from Gensym Support as described in Requesting and Validating Gensym Licenses.  

Note: You may need to reinstall Gensym with a new bundle key if the nol folder is not found.

The following documentation provides more information about this G2 application:

Gensym's NeurOn-Line (NOL) platform enables process-manufacturing companies in a variety of industries to realize substantial economic benefits from improved efficiency and product quality. Applications of the NOL platform include inferential measurements of product quality, model-based control, and process fault detection.

The platform includes four packages:

  • NOL Studio Development and Deployment packages for the development and deployment of neural network models and embedded deployment in Windows environments.
  • NOL Premium Development and Deployment packages for Windows and G2-based development and deployment.
  • NOL Evaluation packages for Windows development. 

NOL Studio

NeurOn-Line Studio (NOL Studio) is a graphical, object-oriented software product for building neural network applications. Using NOL Studio, you can model dynamic, nonlinear phenomena that are difficult to describe by analytical models, using historical data stored in databases, process data historians, or text files. Typical applications include quality assurance, sensor validation, diagnosis, and process modeling.

NOL Studio packages can be used offline for model analysis or online for real-time, model-based diagnostics and control. For offline use, NOL Studio packages are desktop tools in the Windows environment for analysis of process behavior, modeling, and design optimization. Typically, the source of data is a data historian or spreadsheet data arrays. Many technical decisions such as selection of relevant inputs, time delays, and network architecture are automated. Once a model has been built, NOL Studio enables users to discover more profitable ways to run their process through simulation and optimization.

For online use, NOL Studio has two options. NOL Studio models can be:

  • Deployed as Microsoft ActiveX components in Windows applications.
  • Loaded into the standard G2-based NOL packages for execution in a G2-based environment, which brings the added capabilities of G2 for expert operations.

Setup Instructions

Installing the NOL bundle installs and sets up all necessary software for NOL Studio.

To run NOL Studio in a deployment environment, you need to define the following environment variables, for example:

NOLSTUDIO_HOME=C:\Program Files\Gensym\g2-8.3r1\nolstudio

PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files\Gensym\g2-8.3r1\jre\bin;C:\Program Files\Gensym\g2-8.3r1\jre\bin\client;C:\Program Files\Gensym\g2-8.3r1\nolstudio\bin

NOL Premium

NOL Premium includes NOL Studio and additional modules that work in the G2 environment to deliver intelligent, real-time, process monitoring and analysis applications with a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use neural-network technology, provided through graphical object libraries. Powerful prediction diagrams of graphically connected NOL objects execute and document the application functionality, enabling fast deployment and easy maintenance.




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