G2 Class, Developer's Guide, System Procedures Manual and Reference Card


 This article contains 4 different files which will help you understand how Gensym works.


G2 Class Reference Manual

  • This Reference Manual presents the attribute descriptions of all G2 classes, for use in conjunction with the attribute access family.

G2 Developer's Guide

  • This Guide provides an overview of G2's features and capabilities. It also explains how to successfully develop G2 applications.

G2 System Procedures Reference Manual

  • This Reference Manual gives you an introduction of the G2 system procedures, shows you how to make them available in a knowledge base, describes techniques you can use to view, configure, and invoke them and also it shows you how to use each system procedure.

G2 System Procedures Reference Card

  • This Document provides a summary for each of the G2 System procedures.





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