Everest Error 42037 When Processing Credit Card Payments


This article provides the solution when credit card payment authorizations fail with "Everest Error 42037" after upgrading to version 7.



The above error is related to the security settings assigned to the user. A quick way to isolate the security settings issue would be to attempt to process credit card authorizations using the Super Administrator credentials.

The recommended solution is to assign adequate security permissions to the Everest user(s) by following these steps: 

  1. Login to Everest as an administrator and navigate to File > Setup > Security Rights 
  2. Assign security right 10564 to the user(s) or group(s)
Tip: While there is no option to copy an individual user's rights to another user, you can create Groups (File >Setup > Miscellaneous > Users > Groups) and assign the set of rights to a group and thereafter by including a user in the group, the group rights apply for that user.



Credit card authorizations should be processed successfully without any error.





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