Requesting Everest License Keys


This article outlines some important prerequisite information that should be provided by customers requesting license keys for purposes of upgrading their current Everest installation or a new license key for additional users.


Customers looking to have additional users under their license or upgrade their current versions to newer releases should Submit a Support request making sure to specify the specific versions they are using as this information is required while generating the new license keys.

Everest Support Team cannot generate license keys if this information is not provided because each license is generated for a specific release/build and will not work for a different version; for instance, a v7.1.0 license key will only work for that specific version and can not work for any other v7.x instance.

Important: Please note that in the case of a multi-company setup, the Multiple Company key is generated based on the DB server MAC address. Be sure to provide the accurate MAC address information in addition to the Everest version information when requesting a license for a multi-company setup.

Once generated, the new license keys will be delivered through the same Zendesk ticket and can be activated in Everest by following the steps described in Activating Everest License Keys.


Agents can reference these internal articles for information on generating licenses using the Everest license utility:


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