Custom Report Registration Error


This article provides the solution when report registration fails with the error message: 

"The report file you have selected appears to be created in the earlier version of Everest. 
Do you want to upgrade this file to the current version? The upgrade process will take a few minutes.

Selecting Yes to initiate the upgrade results in the system hanging and becoming unresponsive and eventually the report is not registered.



Earlier releases have a known issue where Everest hangs while registering Custom Reports and eventually crashed without registering the report.

This issue was resolved in release v7.3.2. Customers running older versions are advised to upgrade to the latest release to fix this problem.

Detailed upgrade instructions are available in Everest Upgrade Guide.



Upgrading to the latest version should resolve the error and make it possible to successfully register custom reports.

However, if the issue persists after upgrading to the latest version, Submit a Support request for further assistance from the Everest Support Team.

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