Finding Release Notes That Are Unavailable in the Support Portal


You are not able to find the release notes of the latest version of the G2 software in the Gensym Support Portal and want to know where else you can find them. 


Whenever a new version of G2 is released, the corresponding release notes are made available in the Gensym Support Portal, specifically on the Gensym Announcements page. If you are not able to see the release notes for the latest version, access the Release Portal and locate the correct release. Click the link available under the Release Notes column to download the file to your computer.

If you are not able to see this column in the Release Portal, contact Gensym Support to get assistance on this matter. 

<supportagent>The Release Notes column in the Release Portal is not visible to agents but customers should be able to see it. If they aren't, report the issue to the Systems Management team.
Previously, there was a folder where Release Notes were placed before being published. However, this folder is not used anymore and because of this, agents are no longer able to provide a copy of the latest Release Notes requested if these have not been published in the Gensym Support Portal. </supportagent>



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