Cannot close a Purchase Order


You are trying to mark a Purchase Order as closed, but the system doesn't allow it. Trying to close the PO triggers the following message:

This PO cannot be marked 'Closed' since the invoiced and received quantities do not match for one or more line item(s).



This behavior is associated with the fact that PO is still showing that it is partially received and partially invoiced. Hence, Everest is not allowing you to close the PO:


This can be solved by either of the following solutions:

Correct any mismatching line items

Normally, this happens if there is any mismatch between the received quantity and the invoiced quantity for any line items. To solve this, you will need to create a new invoice for the difference in quantity. This will balance the quantities and allow you to close the Purchase Order.

Manually close from the database

If the above is not an option, or the mismatch has been corrected through other means, you can manually close the Purchase Order from the database:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio on your database server.
  2. Right-click on your company database and choose New Query.
  3. Run the query below:
    UPDATE po
    SET    received_status = 3,
           invoiced_status = 3
    WHERE  status = 2
           AND doc_no = '{purchase_order_number}' 

    Replace {purchase_order_number} with the number of the Purchase Order, you need to close.


Applying the above steps will allow you to close the Purchase Order. If the issue persists, please contact support.



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