How to import prices from Excel to a Customer Level in Everest?


How do you import prices from an Excel Sheet to a Customer Level in Everest? These prices aren't entered in Everest, and the salesperson needs to manually enter those prices into the sales orders.


In order to import these prices, please follow the steps as follows:

  1. Add a new Customer Level. To do so, navigate to Inventory > Discounts > Customer Level
    1_-_2020-08-14_10h16_26.png 2_-_2020-08-14_10h16_42.png
  2. You can run the import utility by navigating to Utility > Import > Data
    1. In the Choose the Data to be Imported, select CUSTOMER LEVEL DETAILS FOR ITEMS:
    2. And use the mapping as provided in the attached template:
      This will update the customer level pricing.

As additional information, please find the mapping would provide on the relation to the Everest screen

If you receive an error message during the import, you may use the Skip Erroneous Record option to continue importing the other records and manually handle the records that are incorrect after the import process has completed.




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