Registered report is not showing up in the 'Document Printing Preferences' Report types


You customized a Purchase Order crystal report by duplicating an existing one, renaming it, and registering it. But the report isn't showing up in the "Report Type" option in the "Document Printing Preferences".


In order to modify the Purchase Order print-out, ensure you have used the correct base report for the modification.
For example, in the case of a Purchase Document, the correct report is Multiple Vendor Document(Single Line).CZR located at <InstallDir>\Icode\Everest\Reports\Reports\Purchase.

Also once you have customized the Purchase Document and you would like to create a new report for the given report please follow the steps:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Reports Manager to open the Reports Manager window.
  2. Create a new report by navigating to File > New > Report and associate the report with the customized Crystal Report (*.rpt )file.
  3. You will be prompted whether you would like to create an internal report or not.
    Choose Yes as you are creating an Internal Report for printing a custom Purchase Order.
  4. You will then prompted to save the custom report file as *.czr in the appropriate subdirectory in <InstallDir>\Icode\Everest\Reports\Reports\.
  5. You will receive notification that the report is created and asked whether you would like to register this report.
    Choose Yes to register the new report.
  6. In the Registration Window please select which document type the report will be used for. In case the report is a Purchase Order, please select the Report Type as Documents and Document Type as Purchase Order:
  7. Click Save to update the changes.
  8. This will allow you to choose your custom report from the Report type drop-down menu:
  9. To make sure that the report is available on the list, the recommendation is to search with the beginning of the custom report's name, as it is possible for the search engine to be configured to search only from the beginning of the name:
    This configuration can be confirmed by navigating to File > Setup > Preferences > Workstation Settings:


After applying the above steps, the report will display correctly in the print menu. If the report is still not showing, please contact support.



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