TWNG versions 8.4r0 to 2019.5 Stopped Responding


This article provides information about a known TWNG performance issue identified in versions 8.4r0 to 2019.4 for Windows where TWNG stops responding or you can't select any items on the workspace or click any action buttons or the mouse would stop working.


TWNG may have performance issues, where the Telewindows client would react very slowly or stop responding altogether. When this happens, restarting the client-side tool will resolve the issue. However, frequent crashes of the tool can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Taking this into account, a permanent fix was included in version 2019.5. If your TWNG version is 2019.4 or older, an upgrade is highly recommended. For questions about upgrading to our latest release, reach out directly to your Account Manager.

If an upgrade is not possible at the current moment, contact Gensym support to get assistance on this matter.



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