The Everest Data Archive application stopped working


After switching the server Everest was stored on to a new one, and copying the settings, the Everest Data Archive application crashes with the following error:

Failed to create the target database. Could not load file or assembly 
'Microsoft.SqlServer.BatchParserClient, Version='
The system cannot find the file specified



The error message indicates that you may need to install a couple of SQL Server components as mentioned in the article SQL Server Troubleshooting: Could not load file or assembly "Microsoft.SqlServer.BatchParser" from Microsoft.

Please install these components from SQL Server 2008 R2 Feature Pack download page, in the following sequence:

  1. x64\SQLSysClrTypes.msi
  2. x64\SharedManagementObjects.msi


After installing the missing libraries, you will be able to run the Everest Data Archive application successfully. If the issue persists, please contact support.



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