Sales Orders screens are not consistent


The screens in the Sales Orders have changed and you aren't seeing the same fields as before. The Sales Orders entered manually use the correct screens, but orders imported from your eCommerce application are missing fields. Printing the Sales Orders works correctly.

How to change these back to the old format?


The Form Designer can only have one document alias assigned and the customized form was assigned to a specific document alias, while the mentioned order was not part of the same document alias. 

Because of this, the issue can manifest if the customized form for the common sales order is assigned to one document alias, and the eCommerce based sales order is using a different document alias. Furthermore, if the customized form was assigned specifically to one alias, Everest won't pick up the form settings for another document alias.

The workaround is to create a new form without any document alias assignment and assign this to the same group as the previous form. This will allow both sales orders to use the same form. To do so, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to File > Setup > Forms
  2. In the Forms Browser, double-click on the customized form:
  3. In the Form Designer, navigate to Designer > Save As:
  4. In the Save Form As dialog, make sure to uncheck the Assign to Document Alias option:
  5. Close the Form Designer, and click on Refresh in the Form Browser.
  6. (Optional) Right-click on the newly added form, and choose Set as Default.
  7. Close the Form Browser.
  8. In the main window, navigate to File > Setup > Assign Forms > Groups.
  9. Expand the SALES ORDERS node, and choose the newly added form:
  10. Assign the new form to the same groups as the common sales form and the eCommerce form, referenced earlier.


Reconfiguring the forms will allow your Sales Orders screen to be consistent. If the issue is still manifesting, please contact support.



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