How to solve performance degradation after updating?


Ever since you upgraded from v5 to v7, you notice an overall performance issue, as the program seems to run slower than before. Also, the server has been freezing up and requires a daily reboot which never happened before.


The steps below can be used to optimize the Everest settings:

  1. Please perform the Database Reindexing and Defrag operations. Ideally, defragmentation and reindex should be done after hours. There are two methods of how you can do this, as described in our article Everest Performance Issues.
    After the above operations have completed, reboot your server. Please note that nobody should be accessing the database. Depending on the size of the database, it can take several hours. Please ensure that a complete backup of the database is complete before making any changes.
  2. Alter the Pooling and Recycling values as described in the Everest COM+ Component gets Stuck article. Pooling and recycling will help with performance in the following way:
    1. Application Pooling: This is a feature that allows you to run multiple instances of the application to increase transaction throughput and the number of concurrent users that can be supported.
    2. Application Recycling: This is a feature that will seamlessly shut down and restart (i.e. recycle) individual instances of your application to keep them “fresh”. This can alleviate problems related to memory leaks and other resource leaks that can lead to currently-running instances consuming more resources than necessary and eventually leading to problems.


The steps above would improve the overall performance of your Everest installation. If you are still experiencing performance issues, please contact support.



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