Error: "Freight details can not be defined for Non-Inventoried item"


While doing a price update within an item profile, the changes will not save due to an error that states: "Freight details can not be defined for Non-Inventoried item."


Root cause

The problem is caused by the presence of detailed dimensions in the Freight field for the Non-Inventoried item. In the case of non-inventoried items, this field shouldn't be populated with any value.

How to identify

This can happen if the Item Profile window is customized and it may include the Freight option due to the form customization.

As a reference please find the standard form layout for both an Inventoried item and a  Non-Inventoried (Kit) item that shows the non-inventoried item doesn't have any Freight field to allow modification:



To solve this issue, please set the Freight information to 0 or to an empty value, for the Non-Inventoried item in question.



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