How to hide upsell information on an Invoice?


If you enter the upsell information for an item in the notes section, then it will pop-up on the sales invoice screen. How to configure Everest so the upsell information does not pop-up on the sales invoice?


There isn't a direct option available in the Everest configuration at the front-end level to hide the upsell pop-up on Sales Documents, but it can be disabled from the backend. To do this, please run the following query:

UPDATE division
SET    upsell_popup = 'F'
WHERE  div_code = '{company_code}'

In the query above, please replace {company_code} with the appropriate value from your environment. To retrieve the company code, please navigate to File > Setup > Company, and note the value in the Code drop-down:



After running the query above, Everest will not pop-up the upsell information on the sales invoice screen. If you're still facing issues, please contact support.



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