Everest V7 is generating duplicate customer numbers


You upgraded Everest from V5.2.6 to V7. Since the upgrade, you discovered several instances where Everest generated customer accounts with duplicate account numbers. This causes critical problems when processing orders.


Root cause

When using the Everest SDK to run an update on a customer, it automatically sets the current address status to 'D' instead of 'F' when you need to retain the original information on the existing sales documents.


To work around the issue please follow the steps below:

  1. Select the duplicate entries into a temporary table:
    SELECT addr_code,
    INTO   temp_addr_table
    FROM   address a
           INNER JOIN cust c
                   ON a.cust_code = c.cust_code
                      AND a.type = 4
                      AND c.billcode <> a.addr_code
  2. Check the list:
    SELECT *
    FROM   temp_addr_table
  3. Update the list with the correct values:
    UPDATE address
    SET    active = 'D'
    FROM   temp_addr_table x
    WHERE  address.active = 'T'
           AND address.type = 4
           AND address.addr_code = x.addr_code
           AND address.cust_code = x.cust_code
           AND address.addr_code IN (SELECT addr_code
                                     FROM   temp_addr_table) 

As the last query is run, it will remove the duplicate entries.


After applying the solution above, there will be no more duplicate account numbers. If you're still experiencing issues, please contact support.



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