Unlocking an Administrator/Supervisor User


The Everest Administrator/Supervisor user may sometimes be locked out either due to password expiration or a violation of the incorrect log-in attempts.


Follow the steps below to unlock an Admin/Supervisor user that has been locked out and reset their password.

Access to the Everest company database through SQL Server Management Studio is required for this procedure:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and log in using an account with sa permissions.
  2. Open your company database.
  3. Run the following query to list all user accounts:
    SELECT *
    FROM   personal;
  4. Note the idno value for the administrator account.
  5. Reset the password for the admin account. This will ensure that you will be able to log in:
    UPDATE personal
    SET    seccode = '{yournewpass}'
    WHERE  idno = '{idno}'; 
    Replace {yournewpass} with your desired new password, and {idno} with the ID you noted in Step 4.
  6. Clear the lock from the admin account:
    UPDATE account_status
    SET    fail_times = 0, locked = 0, password_time = getdate()
    WHERE  personal_idno = '{idno}';
    Replace {idno} with the ID you noted in Step 4.
Note: Non-admin users can be unlocked from the UI by following the steps outlined in Unlocking Everest User once the admin credentials have been recovered.


After running the queries above, you will be able to log in using the administrator account. If the issue still manifests, please contact support.

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