Panel Is Not Accessible via API


A certain panel (e.g., Company Facts, Who to Call, etc.) is not returning data when you try to open it using API (

This issue may happen when:

  • Your AuthKey has expired; in this case, you will encounter the following error message:
    Authentication credentials were missing or incorrect.

    You can check the expiration date of your authentication key via API.
  • There is an interruption in our API services; in this case, you may receive no response to your API calls.


  • If your Authentication Key has expired - you need to generate a new one.

  • If you are getting no response to API calls - submit a request to FirstRain support to investigate why the data is not retrieved for the affected panel, providing the API call, authentication key and user email that you use.



  1. Reproduce the issue - you should be able to open the API call URL provided by the customer in a browser. Alternatively, you can execute a GET request in Postman.
    The API call should have the following format:<Company Name>/profile?panels={cf}&authKey=<User's authentication key>&userEmail=<user's email>

    Copy the response you get for the call (if any).

  2. Elevate the case to the SaaS team as a SaaS Incident (if the issue is not related to expired AuthKey), including the API call and the received response.
    If the AuthKey is expired, they need to generate a new one.




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