What Is the Expiration Date of Our API Key?


You may want to know when will your FirstRain API key (also called AuthName) expire.


A FirstRain API key is generated when you first request access to FirstRain APIs and it does not have an expiration date (it is valid as long as your FirstRain subscription is active).

All Authentication Keys generated using your API key are valid for 1 year after the creation date.

You can check the expiration date of an AuthKey by running the following GET API call using Postman or any other suitable app:


Required headers:

  • Accept: application/json
  • frUserId: U:<User ID of Your Admin Account>

Here is an example of an API call executed to retrieve the expiration date of an AuthKey:


Once an Authentication key is expired, you can generate a new one using your FirstRain API key and password.


  • If an Admin user does not know their frUserId, you can find their account under the Administration section in FirstRain, copy the number next to the user's email, and share it with the customer.


  • If the customer's API Key (AuthName) and Password are not working, elevate the issue to the SaaS team.

  • If you need to retrieve all active AuthKeys (including their expiration dates) that were generated using a specific API Key, elevate the case to the PS team to retrieve the data from the DB using the following query (support does not have DB access):
    select acc.AUTH_NAME, auth.AUTH_KEY, acc.API_VERSION, auth.EXPIRY_TIME from api_authkey auth
    inner join api_account acc on auth.ACCOUNT_ID = acc.ID
    where acc.AUTH_NAME = '<Customer's API Key>' and auth.EXPIRY_TIME > now()




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