Error installing Everest


When installing Everest you experience the following error:

'Registration of Libraries' failed. Closing Everest Application.



Please note that this error is thrown as a non-administrator user runs the software for the first time.

To fix this, please change the account type of the standard user to an administrator and then try to run the application from that user account.

The logged user needs to be added to the Local Administrator's group, at least for the very first time they are trying to open Everest. Once they have launched it, at least once, you can remove the user from the administrator's group. This external article details how you can add a user to the Local Administrators group.


Every time you change a logged-in user's profile to an administrator or to a normal user, make sure to log the user off then log the user in again into Windows for the new profile changes to take effect.

Additional information related to setting up Everest may be found in the "Setting up Everest" article.



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