User Activity Is Low in Usage Report


You may notice that usage activity decreased for a single or multiple users according to the Usage Report.


The Total Activity field includes the count of channel emails opened by the user, links opened from the emails, and how many times the user logged in to the FirstRain app.

  • If the activity is low for a single account, the user may have been reviewing their daily channel emails and logging in to FirstRain less frequently during the reported period.

  • If user activity decreased for multiple user accounts, there might be an issue with daily emails delivery - submit a request to FirstRain support to investigate why Daily Emails are not delivered.



  • If the issue is reported for a company or multiple users - check if emails are sent to the affected users as described in the article Daily Emails Are Not Received and elevate the case to the SaaS team including your findings (even if emails are being sent according to internal tools). 
  • If the issue is reported for a single user and the customer insists that the Activity numbers are wrong stating that the user opened emails or logged in more often, elevate the case to the SaaS team for further investigation attaching the Usage Report for the corresponding period (e.g., they can check if user actions are recorded correctly in the report).




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