User Onboarding Email Not Received


You have created a new account but the user didn't receive an email with the link to set up a password.

This issue may happen when

  • You didn't enable the Send Invitation option during the account setup.
  • The email was blocked by the user's email provider.


  • Ask the user to reset their password from the FirstRain login page by clicking on the Forgot Password link; then, they should be able to access the application.

  • Or send a new password reset email to the user.

    1. If the email is not delivered, check with your IT team or email provider if emails from the domain are being blocked; the domain may need to be whitelisted.
    2. If emails from the FirstRain domain are not being blocked, submit a request to FirstRain support to investigate why the emails are not sent.


Try to reproduce the issue by creating a new dummy account under the Trilogy team in FirstRain or resetting the password for your account.
If emails are not delivered, elevate the case to the SaaS team.





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