Error: "Your FirstRain account is inactive." When Logging In to FirstRain


You may encounter the following error when logging in to FirstRain:

Your FirstRain account is inactive. Please contact your administrator or for assistance.

This issue happens when:

  • Your account was deactivated by the administrator.
  • Your company has stopped using FirstRain and all user accounts were deactivated. 


Reach out to your company administrator (who is handling FirstRain) to check why your account is inactive.

  • If your user account has been deactivated - your administrator can reactivate it.
  • If your company stopped using FirstRain - you or your administrator can contact our account manager or send an email to to renew the FirstRain subscription for your company.


  • Search for previous tickets in Zendesk using the customer's email to see if a request has been submitted to deactivate the user. If there was such a request, ask the user to reach out to their company administrator. 
  • Search for previous tickets in Zendesk using the name of the company to see if an account manager requested to deactivate access to FirstRain for the user's organization. If the company was deactivated, communicate this info to the customer and refer them to the account manager for further assistance.
  • Additionally, you can check if there are any active users under the customer's organization: 
    1. From the FirstRain app, open the Administration section.


    2. Search for user accounts using the email domain of the requester and check if there are any active accounts.
      • If there are no active users - the company has been deactivated; refer the customer to their account manager.
      • If there are active users, ask the user to contact their admin to get the account activated.
        Note: If the customer is from the IBM organization, you can reactivate their account immediately. 






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