Cannot Create User Account In FirstRain


You are trying to add a new user but when you click Create, the Email field is highlighted with red and the account is not created.



FirstRain customers can create users only with email addresses from their default company domain. The Email field is marked with red when you are trying to create an account with an email from a domain that is not approved for your company.

For example, you are allowed to create users with emails from the domain, but you are trying to create an account with the email, which is not approved for your company.


There are two possible solutions:

  • Create an email address for the user under your company domain and then create an account for the user with the new email address.
    If your company is using several domains and you are not sure which domain is approved, check which domain is used by already registered users:
    1. Navigate to the Administration section.


    2. Check the domain under one of the existing accounts.


  • Submit a request to FirstRain support to approve a new domain for your company.
    Once the request is complete, you should be able to create an account with a user email from the newly added domain.


Elevate requests to approve additional domains for a company to the PS team.




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