How to change the serial number of a part that has been replaced?


You are returning several serialized assembly items. The serial number on these assemblies comes from a component within the assembly. As a result of testing, that component was replaced in several of the items. How to change the serial number of the affected assemblies when they are brought back into stock through a CM?


When the item is assembled through a Work Order, the serial numbers will be moved to the Released Bin. In case the item is returned through a CM, the stock item serial would be returned to stock.

Everest doesn't have any feature for disassembly that will allow you to break-down the assembled item into its original parts.

As a workaround, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Use an Inventory Quantity Adjustment to increase the item count and reduce the serial number received:
    1. Navigate to Inventory > Items
    2. Right-click on the desired item in the list
    3. Choose Inventory Adjustment > Quantity Adjustment
    4. Scroll to the Quantity column and double-click it
    5. Update the Quantity accordingly
    6. Click on OK to confirm the new quantity and then on Save to pass the inventory adjustment.
  2. Adjust the manufacturer serial number for the item that was created through the Inventory Quantity Adjustment process:
    1. Navigate to Inventory > Serial Numbers
    2. Select the desired item in the list
    3. Click on Edit > New Window:
    4. Adjust the Manufacturer's serial number as needed and click on Save.



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