Missing Outlook Bar


The Outlook menu bar is not displayed in the main interface, even though the View Outlook Bar option is checked under the Windows menu.



The workaround is to reset the user that is experiencing this issue to factory settings. Go to File > Setup > Interface Settings to open the Interface Settings window:


Right-click on the affected user in the Interface Settings browser and navigate to Restore to Factory Settings > All Settings:


Confirm by clicking Yes.

Alternatively, you can trigger restoring to factory settings by right-clicking on the main window title bar and choose Restore Factory Settings:



You will need to re-open Everest for the changes to come into effect.


After applying the above workaround the Outlook Bar will be displayed correctly in the main interface. If the issue continues to manifest, please contact support. To help with troubleshooting, please confirm if this happens for all users or only some and if Data Execution Prevention is enabled in Windows settings on the workstation:

  1. Open a Command Prompt as Administrator
  2. Type the following command:
    wmic OS Get DataExecutionPrevention_SupportPolicy
  3. The number which is displayed denotes the status of DEP on the workstation:
    • 0 – DEP is disabled for all processes.
    • 1 – DEP is enabled for all processes.
    • 2 – DEP is enabled for only Windows system components and services. (Default)
    • 3 – DEP is enabled for all processes.



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