Discrepancy between income statement inventory value and inventory summary value


Looking at your financials, you and see a particular value for your main inventory and a different value in the inventory summary sheet from the Reports -> Inventory Summary.


Please follow the steps below to resolve the discrepancy:

  • Check the items table for any item that may be inactive and with stock, by running the query below:

    SELECT *
    FROM   items
    WHERE  active = 'F'
           AND qty_stk <> 0 

    Remove any items you may find that are not included in the report.

  • Check the Transact table to get find any General Journals that may cause the discrepancy:

    SELECT *
    FROM   transact
    WHERE  acnt_code = '{account_code}'
           AND doc_type = 0 

    Replace {account_code} with the account code as it is configured in your system. Remove any General Journals that may cause the discrepancy. 

  • Reviewing your statements for the previous years, and try to identify where the difference is originating from. Check to see if the actual difference is carried forward from a previous year. If so, please post a new General Journal to settle down this difference.


If you cannot identify where the difference is coming from after following the steps above, please contact support.



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