Error: "Oops! We can't seem to find your account."


You cannot log in to the FirstRain app as you are getting a message that your account does not exist.

This issue may happen when:

  • Your username is different from your email address.
  • Your account hasn't been created or it has been removed.



  1. Open the Administration section in the FirstRain app.


  2. Search for the user account using the email address.
    • If the username does not match the user's email address, you need to modify the username to be the same as the email.


    • If the account is deleted, check for previous tickets under the same organization - an administrator may have requested to remove the user. In this case, the user should contact their company administrator.


    • If the account does not exist, a new user account can be created if requested by an admin. Otherwise, ask the customer to contact their company admin.
      Note: You can check if the requester has admin rights from the Administration section in FirstRain.





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