Creating Everest users


This article will describe the method for creating Everest Users.


Complete details related to user management can be found in the "Ch. 2: Setting Up a Company: Security" article.

Creating a user

  1. From the main menu bar, select File > Setup > Users > Users to open the Users browser:
  2. From the Users browser, select Options > New > In New Window to open the New User Profile:
  3. The mandatory fields that need to be filled for a user to be generated are:
    1. Code
    2. Zip/Postal Code
    3. First Name or Last Name
    4. Password
      • Can be found on the Security And Time Clock tab
      • Must have at minimum: 1 alpha character, 1 numeric character, 1 symbol, and at least 7 characters
      • Must be distinct
  4. On the Miscellaneous tab, use the drop-down menus to fill in the user default Location, POS Cash register, Designation, Reporting To, and Dashboard fields.
  5. Click on Save to store the new user



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