Issues with a cancelled purchase order


A customer cancelled a purchased order. Foxfire cancelled all the pick tickets related to the order. Only a part of the orders received the cancellation in Everest while the others did not. The EFI system went offline during the event and restarted. The SKU's were not released from the orders. The orders had to be closed manually to release the items. 


The Foxfire logs located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Icode\Everest\Client\Utilities\Everest-Foxfire Integration Service\log show that the pick ticket cancellation was done by a PID that stopped soon as the EFI service was restarted.
Depending on the number of pick tickets and the line items included in each pick ticket, the cancellation process may take a long time to complete, as the process itself has multiple steps that are applied to each line item.
When the service is processing data it will be saved in memory. Restarting the service would reset the list of the orders in the memory to a clean slate. It might be possible that the data may have already been marked as imported, and not being re-read. 



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