Daily Emails Are Not Received


You haven't received daily brief emails for the channels to which you are subscribed.

This issue may happen when:

  • Your account has been deactivated.
  • You were unsubscribed from emails by an administrator.
  • There is a service interruption and emails are not sent by FirstRain servers.



  1. Log in to the FirstRain app.
    If you cannot log in as your account is inactive, refer to the article Error: "Your FirstRain account is inactive".
  2. Check if you are subscribed to at least one email type.
    • If there are no active subscriptions, subscribe to the required channels.
    • If you have active subscriptions, check if FirstRain emails were delivered to your Spam folder; and if they are not there, submit a request to our Support team to investigate why emails are not being sent.


  1. Check the Email Dashboard (VPN required) to see if the number of sent daily emails has decreased, meaning that multiple customers are affected. If the number of emails decreased - proceed to step 4. Otherwise, investigate further.
  2. Double-check if emails are enabled for the user's account:
    1. From FirstRain, open the Administration section.


    2. Find the required user and make sure that the user's Status is Active.
      If it is inactive, refer to the article Error: "Your FirstRain account is inactive".
    3. Click Manage in app.


    4. Check that the user is subscribed to at least one email type and note down the channel names for which the user is subscribed.
  3. Check if the emails for the corresponding channels were sent to the user - open the Email Reports tool (VPN required) and search for the records with the user's email.


  4. Elevate the case to the SaaS team, including the users for which emails were not delivered; if numerous users are affected according to the Email Dashboard, a Jira ticket should be created as a Showstopper.

    Note: If the emails were sent but not received by the user, you should still elevate the case to the SaaS team to investigate the issue (e.g., the user might have been added to the Rejected/Bounce list by mistake). Additionally, ask the user to check with their IT team if any emails from the @firstrain.com domain were blocked.




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