General MAPI failure after upgrade


Since the upgrade to 8.0.22, almost all users are not able to email documents out of Everest. They are getting a General MAPI error. The environment is a mix of Office 2010, 2013, and 2016 with Outlook set as the default email client. The previous version was 7.1 and the feature was working properly. 


This issue is consistent with an incompatible Outlook version.

Software Requirements

Required software is noted below, with an emphasis on the following terms:

  • Certified - this release was tested specifically against this configuration.
  • Supported - this release was not tested against this specific configuration, though it remains supported as differences between it and the certified software are minimal or not applicable to Everest.
  Certified Supported

32-bit MAPI Integration

Outlook 2016 32-bit

(Version 16.0.12527.21230)

32-bit MAPI Clients (e.g. Outlook 2016 32-bit with the latest updates)


Possible workarounds are:

  1. To use another email client that utilizes 32-bit and set it as a default email client.
  2. Reinstall outlook with the 32-bit version mentioned above.
  3. Using Everest built-in email application, this can be configured as follows:
    1. Open Everest Email by going to CRM > E-mail
    2. Create a new account from the Everest E-Mail window by going to Tools > Accounts > Add
    3. Follow the wizard and configure the account to use POP3
    4. Set up the Email send function to use the Everest E-Mail by going to Tools > Options
    5. Check the Send e-mail from browsers and profiles using Everest E-Mail option, and click OK:
    6. Configuring the option above will ensure that the Everest email client will be used when sending emails from a Document or browser.



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