Can I update the Last Received/Invoiced Fields?


Does manually updating Last Invoiced and Last Received Date on new items adversely affect Everest?


This is normally achieved through receiving the item or selling the item. If, however, you need to alter these fields manually, please note the following events will occur in the backend and the line items will be affected accordingly:

The "Back End Processes - Editing a Purchase Invoice" article describes that you can edit Line Item details in a saved but unposted Purchase Invoice profile. Whenever you modify the editable columns like Invoiced Quantity, Item Cost, Discount Value, Discount %, Tax Code, and Add-on Cost for a line item, and it results in a change in the total value of the line item.

On saving a modified Purchase Invoice profile the system checks whether there is a Sales Invoice created between the Original Date and Time when the purchase invoice was created and the Date and Time when the purchase invoice was modified and whether there is a difference in the Original Cost and the Cost mentioned in the modified purchase invoice. If the system finds out any such records then those records must be marked with * in the Sales Commission Report next to the Cost column.

Additionally, as described in the "Ch. 8 The Purchase Process: Modify a Purchase Invoice" article, when you convert a purchase order or receipt to a purchase invoice, you can make updates to the line item information. You may modify the information before you save the invoice.



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