Different inventory cost in the credit memo for a large return


A customer returned a large number of units of an item that were recorded in the books for a certain price when they were shipped. They were sold for a lower price. The credit memo created for the return shows the user-defined cost as .the original price but the inventory history shows the item at a different price, which was the last landed cost for that item, but not the cost of the items that were returned. This causes a significant difference that needs to be corrected.


To solve the issue, the Credit Memo inventory cost needs to be updated directly as the Credit Memo shouldn't have taken a different cost instead of the average cost at the time the item was sold.

To do this, you must run the following query:

begin transaction 
update transact set amount = <correct_amount>, amount_fex = <correct_amount> where doc_no = '<credit_memo_number>' and doc_type = 12 and acnt_Code in ( 'A1410' , 'X1010')

commit transaction


In the above query replace the following tokens with the specified values:

  • <correct_amount> - the correct amount that should be billed
  • <credit_memo_number> - the credit memo number


After running the query above, the Credit Memo should show the correct value.



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