Checking Rejected Records and Files in ResponseTek


You may encounter certain issues when importing invitation or hierarchy files and may want to know why specific records or the whole file was rejected. This article describes how to check the rejection reasons and what they mean and what you should do if the file was not processed at all.


  1. Log into the Reporting portal.
  2. Navigate to Reports > Supplementary reports > File Import Results.


  3. Search for the required file by using the filters in the upper screen.
  4. Click on the Export link in the Export Details column. 


  5. The XLS file with Failure Causes is downloaded.

    Here are the most common rejection reasons:
    • Business Rule: Re-invitation - It means that an invitation was already sent to this customer earlier during the configured period, which can be from 1 to 120 days depending on your settings.
    • <Name of the field> field is required! - The mentioned field is empty, and it needs to have valid data to process the invitation.
    • <Name of the field> is: <List of available values for the field> - The field must have one of the configured values.
    • <Name of the field> is invalid! - The field does not have the correct data format (e.g., date may be entered in a different format, a phone number may be too long, too short, or start with incorrect country code).
    • Field exceeds the maximum allowed length! - Usually, this error is caused by an incorrect delimiter (e.g., comma instead of pipe "|", tab, or semicolon). In this way, the import process reads the whole file as a single invitation record, which exceeds the maximum length.
  • You can filter only rejected invitations, correct the data, and import the file again. If you need to import the file manually, you can submit a file import request.
  • If the file was not processed and is not listed in the report, please submit a request for our Support team to investigate further. Also, please attach the corresponding file to the ticket.


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