Information Required To Build A Wrapper


This article lists the information you will need to share with the support team to build a new mobile wrapper for your app, or request to build a new wrapper for your app. 


Wrapper Mobile Wrapper




The following form must be completed by the customer with as much detail as possible:

If you would like to have a new Wrapper built, please raise a support ticket that provides the following information:

  • Application Display Name (the name that will appear under the home screen icon)
  • Current App version no. (that will need to be replaced, if an app already exists)
  • Email address of the primary contact if you would like to enable push notifications
  • Submit bundle identifiers to enable app store submissions including 
    • the Provising Files, iOS P12 file
    • iOS Adhoc provision
    • Android Keystore file and password
    • Privacy Policy URL
    • Terms of Use URL
    • Icon/Logo
    • In-app Subscription options, if any.



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