Article Sharing via Email Not Working


This article provides the steps to troubleshoot issues when users are not able to share articles through email   Use this article if you are unable to share via email, cannot share link, share article via email or if your recipient is not receiving your email. 


ODN (Olive Dynamic Newsstand)




When users are not able to share articles via email, one of the following two  possible causes could be to blame:

  • The ODN sharing feature is not compatible with some email service providers.
  • Emails go to the Spam folder.

Example: A reader shares an article using the built-in sharing feature, and the recipient does not receive the email.

Procedure to Follow

Perform the following steps to begin troubleshooting the issue:

  1. Replicate the scenario based on the information the customer gave. If you are unable to replicate  or the information provided is incomplete, ask the customer to provide the information listed below and attach proof (screenshot/video) that shows you conducted tests and could not find any issues (if possible):

    • Publication edition and date

    • Page and title of the article

    • The sender's email address used on the From field on the sharing window

    • Recipient's email address on the To field

    • The sharing option used: are they using pop-up that is part of the website or an installed email client on the reader's system?

    • The link the customer is using

    • The customer's browser version and OS

      Note: If the customer is using Chrome, type chrome://settings/help in chrome's address bar and press enter.

    • Browser extensions (active/inactive)

      Note: In the address bar type type chrome://extensions/  for Chrome or about:addons for Firefox. Ask the customer to provide screenshots, if possible.

    • The number of users affected. Ask the customer if they have any other colleague who is experiencing the same issue.

  1. If the email domain used on the From field is one of the domains listed below, suggest clicking the Use my installed e-mail client option at the bottom of the pop-up window:

    Email Provider Domain
    Bell South


  2. If the customer is using a different email domain, replicate the issue by using your email address on the To field:


  3. If you did not receive the email, check your spam folder.

  4. If the email is NOT in the spam folder of your recipient, escalate the ticket to your publisher.

 Other Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Flush the browser cache and clear cookies.

  2. Update to the latest version of the browser.

  3. Try using other web browsers.

Note: If none of these steps are successful, escalate the issue to L2.




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